NeuroVitalia can help you to keep operational your Neurofeedback equipment

How can you access the equipment to apply this technique?


NeuroVitalia offers remote technical support and maintenance for your Neurofeedback equipment if you have completed the Neurofeedback Clinical Course

NeuroVitalia helps you acquire the necessary equipment so that you can introduce Neurofeedback in your clinical practice if you are in possession of the Othmer’s Certificate.

Therapists or users trained in Neurofeedback EEG Info can acquire one of our Neurofeedback equipment as lessees, splitting the equipment payment for a maximum of 2 years and after which ones they acquire the equipment. During this period, you will also enjoy remote technical support including replacement of equipment if necessary.

With this service, NeuroVitalia wants to support you to introduce the Neurofeedback technique in your activity, facilitating you to obtain the equipment. Our objective is that you become familiar with the operation of the system without losing operability.

The Technical Support Services cover maintenance of the PC (software and hardware) for a maximum period of 2 years as well as the advice needed to keep your neuro-amplifier (Neuroampâ’¸) operational through our supplier EEG Info.
We help you with your technical problems!


In addition, NeuroVitalia offers support and advice to those therapists or clients who have acquired a Neurofeedback equipment with us

We answer your questions and doubts via e-mail, helping you solve either problem with your equipment so that you prolong its operability.

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