Evaluation of Attentional Processes, Impulsivity and Motor Activity

Attention evaluation for children, adolescents and adults (5 to 90 years) with virtual reality

Attention is a cognitive function that is severely punished daily due to the environmental demands to which we submit it. In specific contexts, performance can be affected even more in some cases of ADHD. Assessing and determining attentional function is a key step to start treating and improving it.

This test is recommended for cases with suspected diagnostic anxiety, behavioral problems, social problems, reading-writing problems and learning difficulties.


Our specialists prepare a report with the results which are compared with a normative population of more than 1.200 participants. The test results have been validated as a complement to increase the accuracy of the ADHD diagnosis.

Determine your attention parameters with our virtual reality glasses


To assess the level of attention-concentration, we work with a test based on virtual reality that includes:

• Selective and sustained attention
• Auditory and visual attention
• Motor activity
• Impulsivity
• Quality of attention focus
• Reaction time

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